About us

Offshore and Trawl Supply AS (OTS) is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibre ropes for applications in the offshore oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, lifting and towing industries. Based in Norway, it specializes in the production, design and engineering of high-tech fiber ropes, as well as combined products, including thimbles, shackles, chains and buoys.

The OTS factory, situated near Aalesund in Norway, is one of the most modern sites in Europe. Fitted with the latest production lines, it uses high-tech fibres to produce ropes with diameters up to 350mm.

Customized fibre ropes

OTS’ strategy is to offer customized products. For this reason, the company is a close partner to companies within the offshore industries. OTS products are involved in a variety of applications within the offshore segment, including seismic operations, exploration drilling, subsea installation, mooring, lifting and loading / offloading operations.

The fact that we are situated amongst the most experienced customers gives us a unique ability to provide well tested and tailor-made products, thus being flexible to develop and provide innovative solutions.

"Through competent and committed employees, OTS will deliver quality products with short delivery time. Through continuous product development and tailoring, OTS will be a preferred supplier in its markets.”

- Rolf Giskeødegård