Dextron® Emergency Towing system

The Dextron® Emergency Towing system is a towing kit made in full compliance with resolution MSC.35(63) of the 1994 SOLAS convention and the amendments in MSC.256(84). The kit includes a Dextron® towing line and messenger line, and a floating light buoy. All the equipments is stored in a shock resistant plastic container with top cover closed with rubber straps.

In addition to the standard kits, the kit can be customized to meet your specific demand.


  • Nylon stretcher as shock absorber
  • Bridle legs for two-point connection
  • OTS Protective Jacket™  standard - and High-Viz
  • Restech PLT, pneumatic line thrower
  • Pick-up grapnel with throwing line
  • Additional floater for increased buoyancy   

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DEXTRON Emergency Towing System

Type/Product No ETS Type Messenger Line Towline ISO Strength Assembly
1 / 013301 under 20.000 DWT 10mm, 122m 36mm, 76m 114 T 92x71x71cm
2 / 013302 20.000 - 50.000 DWT 16mm, 122m 56mm, 76m 250 T 123x103x75cm 
3 / 013303 above 50.000 DWT 16mm, 122m 80mm, 92m 457 T